Best Restaurants in LA to Watch the Super Bowl

Spireworks, a kebab fast-casual spot, is offering free SpireCakes for catering orders made before or on Super Bowl Sunday, customers can choose from banana cream pie, tiramisu, chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, honey mascarpone or strawberry shortcake. 

The catering menu includes items like the Bangkok rice bowl with tamarind chutney and yellow curry aioli, the Istanbul with cabernet tomatotes, Zaatar labneh and Zaatar Shaker or the Little Italy with fresh basil leaf, yellow squash spirals, tomato jam, pesto panko crunch, and shaved parmesan.

The New York, comprised of Russian dressing, sauerkraut, shaved parmesan, angel hair beets and New York Shaker and the Peking with hoisin sauce, green onion shreds, crispy onions, angel hair carrots, cucumber spirals and Rayu Shaker are also two popular options.