Beijing Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market

Fuchengmen N. Shuncheng St. Beijing

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A marketplace that offers a genuine Beijing shopping experience not influenced by tourists.

Get an authentic shopping experience in China at Beijing Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market

If you've ever wanted a Che Guevara pet-cricket carrier, the Beijing Flower Bird Fish and Bug Market is the place to go. A 10-minute walk north from Financial Street, this messy jumble of lanes has scores of stalls, with vendors selling beasties and their accessories, It's a place that's just jamming on the weekend.

Here, you can buy traditional wooden bird cages, singing crickets (feed them diced carrots), and pairs of wrinkled walnut shells (used as exercise balls for the hands). There are goldfish, miniature yellow frogs, snakes, piglets and baby chicks. It's noisy, crowded and raucous but offers a great insight into the traditional and modern concepts of keeping pets in China. The more elaborate bird cages made with steel hooks and the patterned cricket gourds make curious gifts.

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Fuchengmen N. Shuncheng St. 100036 Beijing China


+86 6400 3656 Attraction’s Website

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