Nanzen-ji Temple

Although destroyed by fire three times, the Buddhist temple still stands after it was rebuilt during the 16th century.

The exterior of Nanzen-ji Temple in Kyoto

The three-story sanmon gate of the Nanzen-ji Temple was built to honor soldiers who perished in the decisive Battle of Osaka in 1615, in which the forces of the shogun unified Japan, ushering in nearly 250 years of peace. At the temple's main hall are one of the city's largest kare-sansui (raked stone gardens) and national treasures including fusuma-e (murals painted on sliding doors) of leaping tigers against a backdrop of gold leaf.

The grounds lead to the base of a nearby mountain where you'll find a trail that leads not too far away to ancient shrines nestled among majestic cedar trees.

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Nanzenji Fukuchicho 606-8435 Kyoto Japan


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