Tenryu-ji Temple

68 Saga-tenryuji-susukinobaba-cho Kyoto

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A garden unlike any other in the world, its beauty comes from its surrounding landscape as well as what is contained within.

The garden at Tenryu-ji Temple is a designated monument of Japan

Located in the Arashiyama district is Tenryu-ji (“temple of the heavenly dragon”), a Buddhist temple on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, at least in part because it has one Japan’s finest gardens. Many Japanese temple gardens are meant to help visitors concentrate and cleanse the mind of extraneous thoughts and desires. To try it yourself, sit inside the main hall and concentrate on a single point in the garden — you may find that the rest of the world vanishes the more intensely you concentrate on that point.

Then go for a walk around the garden itself. The outline of Tenryuji’s pond is the Chinese character “kokoro,” meaning “heart.” See if the visit hasn’t touched yours.

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68 Saga-tenryuji-susukinobaba-cho 616-8385 Kyoto Japan


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