Tsukiji Fish Market

Even if you don't eat seafood or fish, a visit to one of the biggest markets in the world is a must.

Shoppers at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

Go ahead: Wrinkle your nose. But know that this L-shaped pavilion that covers several acres is one of Tokyo's main attractions. Nearly 2,250 tons a day of fish and seafood are sold here. A single tuna can command $160,000, and some of the shops have been in business since the early 16th century.

Go during early morning hours to see the auction. There's still plenty of action through mid-morning with the packing, shipping and trucking of fish that have just been sold. After all that, it's a wonder that tiny slices of sushi come so cheap. Speaking of which, there are plenty of little stands in the outer market where you can sample the latest and freshest (talk about breakfast of champions) alongside adventurous vegetables, inexpensive but high-quality production ceramics, and kitchen equipment you may never have heard of.

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5 Chome-2-1 104-0045 Tokyo Japan


+81 3 3542 1111 Attraction’s Website

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