In addition to being a historical landmark, these caves are popular with climbers.

People ascending the stairs to the Batu Caves in Malaysia

Located just eight miles outside the city and easily accessible by cab or bus, this impressive series of limestone caverns is one of the most important sites of Hindu worship outside of India. Dedicated to the popular Hindu deity Murugan, whose 140-foot presence greets visitors at the complex's entrance, the caves are home to a number of ornate shrines and statues, all of which are overseen by priests dressed in the traditional sacred threads.

Rising 30 stories in height, the site's focal point is Temple Cave, an awe-inspiring natural cathedral illuminated in the daytime by soft rays of sunlight pouring in through holes in the cave's ceiling. Before making your ascent up the 272 steps to the entrance, be sure to buy some bananas from the many vendors in order to feed the gregarious gang of macaques (a genus Old World monkeys) that hang out along the stairs. Hold on tight to your belongings, though, as the mischievous monkeys have been known to snatch cameras, keys and other shiny objects.

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