A fashion hub, this is where the cool kids hang out.

Ximending in Taipei is a fashion hub

Taipei's answer to Tokyo's Shibuya, Ximending is a consumer carnival of shopping, snacking and getting down with the city's young trend-setters. The area gets its name as the home of the western gate of the wall that once surrounded the entire city, and its importance as a shopping and social district stretches back into the 19th century.

The heart of Ximending is a brick-lined pedestrian mall chock-full of shops offering everything from watches to mobile phones to tattoos. Right across from the MRT station are the major department stores, while the smaller alleys west are where you'll find the edgier shops run by and catering to Taiwan's punk culture. It's a fun place to hang out and see how the other half lives, get your tongue pierced, or meet a wide variety of interesting locals.

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