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Havana is a city brimming with history and the following is a list of museums that give insight into its colorful past.

Museo de Arte Colonial

Calle San Ignacio 10100 Havana Cuba

Get insight into life during Colonial times in Havana, Cuba.

Museo de la Ciudad

Plaza de Armas 10100 Havana Cuba

Set your eyes on some of Cuba's historical artifacts.

Museo Ernest Hemingway

Calle Obispo 153, Carretera Central Km 12.5 10100 Havana Cuba

The former home of Hemingway is considered an endangered site.

Museo y Farmacia Taquechel

Calle Obispo 10100 Havana Cuba

Entering this pharmacy will make you feel as if you stepped back in time.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana

Ave. Bélgica 10100 Havana Cuba

View works by Cuban artists with themes on religion, landscape and Cuban life.

Museo de los Naipes

Calle Muralla 10100 Havana Cuba

You can find a variety of cards on display here.

Museo Numismático

Calle Obispo 10100 Havana Cuba

Learn about the history of currency in Cuba.

Museo de la Revolución

Ave. Bélgica 10100 Havana Cuba

Get a complete history of the battle to topple Batista and the "successes" of the Revolution since 1959, including the role of Che Guevara.

Museo de Ron

Calle San Pedro 262 10100 Havana Cuba

You don't have to be a rum drinker to take part in a tour at this museum.

Planetario de La Habana

Calle Mercaderes 10100 Havana Cuba

Learn all about the solar system and stars through interesting exhibits.