Best Things to Do


Following is a selection of sites in Havana that are perfect for a stroll. Take your time exploring these places and get a sense of how the locals live. From the beach to a plaza that dates back to the 16th century, make sure these spots are on your itinerary.


Calle Real 10900 Havana Cuba

Retrace Ernest Hemingway's steps in this fishing village.

Feria de la Artesanía

Feria de la Artesanía 10100 Havana Cuba

Find specialty handmade items that make great souvenirs or gifts.

Plaza de la Catedral

Plaza de la Catedral 10100 Havana Cuba

Historic mansions surround this plaza.

Parque Central

Central Park 10200 Havana Cuba

Explore this hub of Havana.

Paseo del Prado

Paseo del Prado (Paseo Martí) 10100 Havana Cuba

Stroll down this historic pass to view mansions that imitate architecture from Madrid, París and Vienna.

Plaza Vieja

Calle Brasil 10100 Havana Cuba

This beautiful plaza in Old Havana first emerged in 1559.

Santa María del Mar

Santa María del Mar 10100 Havana Cuba

Have some fun on Havana's sandy beaches.