Palazzo Zenobio

Elegance pervades this historic building in Venice.

The lavish interior of Palazzo Zenobio in Venice, Italy

This 17th-century palace opens its doors to visitors, who come for the frescos and one of the city's largest gardens. The design and décor is a beauty to behold. Eighteenth-century portraits and grandiose mirrors adorn the walls, and magnificent stucco work can be seen. The ballroom, though, is the highlight of the palace. It's more than two stories high and has a gallery for an orchestra. Connected to this space are more lavishly decorated rooms. Don't miss the French-style interior garden — it's considered a rarity in Venice.

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Dorsoduro, 2596 (VE) 30123 Venice Italy


+39 041 241 2397 Attraction’s Website

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Family Landmark


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