The purpose of its creation remains a mystery and it's an enigma that draws nearly a million visitors every year.

Archaeologists are still baffled by the construction of Stonehenge

Does the arrangement of the 25-ton sarsens (sandstone blocks) at Stonehenge suggest some sort of celestial prediction? Or is it just a bunch of big rocks? No one really knows. Theories about the nearly 5,000-year-old circular stone structure in southern England vary. Some believe it was a place of healing, others that it was a burial ground and used for ancestor worship.

The most enchanting time to visit Stonehenge is at sunset when a yellow-orange glow can be seen through the magnificent towers' arches. Booking a guided tour is required to visit the center and see the stones up close. But the best views of the structure, about a two-hour drive from London, are from a distance where you can fully appreciate their grand design.

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