Possessing a mythical quality, this ancient port has been associated with the biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon and Saint Peter.

The Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv

Jaffa — the oldest recorded port in the world (documents attest to its existence as far back as 1600 B.C.) — is just a stroll away from modern Tel Aviv. The coastal tayalet (promenade) swerves above the sandy beaches of southern Tel Aviv and brings you right into the Jaffa Marina, with its multiple fish restaurants and old wind-battered buildings — crumbling testaments to Jaffa's historical heyday. Lean over the guard rail, or stand next to one of the old mummy-necked fishermen and gaze at waves crashing into Andromeda's Rock; this was the debarkation point for Holy Land travel over the centuries.

Visit the massive Jaffa Flea Market where you can experience the true Middle-Eastern mentality and haggle about prices for a beautiful Middle-Eastern carpet, or one of the gaudy trinkets that line the sidewalks. Cafés are everywhere in Jaffa; Arab bakeries churn out hot loaves of delicious bread 24 hours a day (try the one drenched in olive-oil and sprinkled with za-atar (a blend of herbs, sesame seeds and salt). 

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