Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal

Visitors stand in awe of the ornate, Gothic-Revival architecture of the basilica.

The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal was built in the Gothic Revival style

Just around the corner from the Centaur Theatre on Notre-Dame St. is Montréal's famous Notre-Dame Basilica, which opened in 1829. Lush with wooden accents, cooling blue lighting and stained glass windows, the basilica is as alive today as ever; the organ's 7,000 pipes play at masses and weddings for Québec's famous, while Tuesday through Saturday evenings visitors can witness an impressive light show projected directly onto the basilica's walls.

Before you enter, take a moment outside the church to look around the square, the Place d'Armes, to see the city's historic French-British dichotomy cast in stone. The basilica once stood for the Catholic, sectarian, French community, while across the square, past the statue of Maisonneuve in the center, the Bank of Montréal represented the Protestant English-speakers, once the city's dominant economic force.

Photos courtesy of Tourisme Montréal

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