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Welcome to this island in the middle of the city.

Inside the Granville Island public market

Spend a day in Vancouver close to the water. For those who live here, just taking a ferry is a delightful outing. But taking an Aquabus to Granville Island, the 37-acre heart of the city, for breakfast is a novel and adventurous way to start the day. Two 30-passenger vessels use high-tech submersible cameras and special LED screens to bring the secrets of the underwater world around Granville Island to the surface. The boat motors around safely, offering a beautiful maritime perspective of the city. You can catch an Aquabus at the Yaletown stop in False Creek and ride it to Granville Island (travelers note: bikes are welcome aboard the Aquabus on all routes at no additional charge). You may also take a 25-minute cruise for just a few dollars.

Once you arrive on Granville Island, you'll discover a thriving public market built below the Granville Bridge on what was once an industrial wasteland. It's an artsy scene, with bustling arts and crafts enterprises and lovely views. On any given day, the best shows in town are the buskers. Found on street corners and oceanfront decks on the Island, Vancouver's talented buskers juggle, dance, perform magic, play the sounds of music from around the world, and always appreciate donations. They have been ranked with the buskers of London's Covent Garden, the world's most famous buskers.

Canada's first sake winery, Artisan SakeMaker Studio, can be found tucked between a goldsmith and a potter. Stop in to sample the three handcrafted sakes, labeled as Osake: Junmai Nama; Junmai Nama Genshu; Junmai Nama Nigorit or the Junmai sparkling sake. What developed is possibly the most successful urban redevelopment in North America, and has drawn international attention from planners globally.

There's also the Kids Market, the free Granville Island Water Park, and a number of small shops selling myriad intriguing crafts and gifts. Local artists produce and sell innovative textiles, pottery and furniture. Granville Island is also home to many outdoor recreation specialists building custom bikes, kayaks and canoes.

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