Sydney BridgeClimb

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an Australian icon, and the opportunity to climb it with BridgeClimb is said to be one of the best things a visitor to the city can do during his or her stay.

Sydney BridgeClimb

Despite what many may imagine, the climb itself is not as physically demanding as first-timers anticipate. A 100-year-old has even done it! Safety is of paramount importance to BridgeClimb, with the operator priding itself on its 100 per cent safety record since it began in 1998. Participants wear harnesses and are tethered to the bridge at all times, and must undertake a lengthy safety briefing prior to climbing. There are now two climbs available—The Bridge Climb and The Discovery Climb. The Bridge Climb is the original climb, which takes participants slowly to the summit for an amazing view of the harbor and city. The Discovery Climb takes climbers inside the workings of the bridge and then up to summit via a different route. If you want to do something that you will really remember about your time in Sydney, then BridgeClimb is it.

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The Rocks 3 Cumberland St. Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


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