Twice as nice: Explore LA's designated Chinatown as well as the surplus of authentic Chinese restaurants and shops in the SGV. 

The main plaza in Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles

Dating back to the 1930s, the Central Plaza is the hub of Chinatown. As you step through the beautifully constructed Chinese arches, you might just feel as if you're in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Los Angeles' downtown Chinatown comprises a rather small area, but along this vibrant strip on Broadway you can still find exotic-yet-touristy shops selling everything from ginseng root and air-dried Chinese ducks to paper umbrellas and jade jewelry. It's a fun area to explore and boasts a handful of good restaurants, including Foo Chow Restaurant.

Outside of downtown LA, you can find authentic dim sum or Chinese seafood in the San Gabriel Valley. In upscale Monterey Park for instance, you'll find giant Hong Kong-style restaurants, including NBC Seafood and Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant. Afterward, reward yourself with a cheap, hour-long foot massage at one of the many little facilities dotting the area. Or feast on dumplings in Arcadia, especially the wildly popular taro buns at Din Tai Fung. The wait is well worth it.

Photo by Sgerbic

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