Windmills Tour Palm Springs

You simply can't avoid them — those sleek and towering beacons stretched along Interstate 10 rotating at a rapid and steady speed.

Windmills Tour Palm Springs offers a tour of the sleek and towering beacons stretched along Interstate 10

Yes, the modern-day windmills seem to be everywhere, helping to generate one and a half percent of California's electricity. There are 3,500-plus windmills in place that line the San Gorgonio Pass, creating enough energy to power nearly 200,000 homes. Bring a camera, hang on to your hats and enjoy a guided (albeit windy) tour of these man-made marvels. As you learn about aeronautics, meteorology, botany and high finance, the soft whirring of the 112-foot blades is hypnotic. But look down at the 1,000-year-old creosote trees along your way, dancing in the wind, and let yourself feel the timelessness of this valley of the sun.

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