Mission Houses Museum

The historic site includes three restored houses, two of which are the oldest houses in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives

This is the site of the first Christian mission in Hawaii, which housed the New England missionary families from 1820 to 1863, who forever changed the lifestyle of the Native Hawaiians. The collection holds over 3,000 Hawaiian, Western, and Pacific artifacts, and more than 12,000 books, manuscripts, original letters, diaries, journals, illustrations and Hawaiian church records. 

The Frame House (Hale La'au), built in 1821 from coral blocks, is the oldest wood frame structure that still stands in the Islands and formerly used as a communal home by missionary families. The Chamberlain House (Ka Hale Kamalani) built in 1831 is named in honor of the Mission's first secular agent and was used to for the disbursement of provisions for the entire Sandwich Islands Mission. It now houses the museum's exhibition gallery. The printing office (Ka Hale Pa'i), built from coral blocks in 1841, is home to a replica of the first printing press brought to Hawaii and some of the first books produced on the Island. 

The museum also has an exhibit of Hawaiian quilts and the Mission Cemetery, established in 1823, and the oldest Christian graveyard in Hawaii. 

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553 S. King St. Honolulu HI 96813 U.S.


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