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Explore the graves of those who have passed on a tour of New Orleans' burial grounds.

You'll find tombs in the graveyards of New Orleans that date back to the 18th century

Spend a worthy and enlightening afternoon going on an organized tour of New Orleans' beautiful cemeteries. Although the city has several, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 ( the city's oldest operating graveyard) and Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 are the most popular. 

The architecture of these old cemeteries derives from the fact that much of the city is below sea level, so graves in New Orleans are above ground. Reminiscent of historic cemeteries in Paris, such as Montparnasse and Montmartre, you'll see ornate crypts and mausoleums, elegant statues, and artwork on tombs. Burial chambers, some with inscriptions in French, date back to 1760, with the most famous belonging to voodoo queen Marie Laveau, who lies just inside the front gate of the St. Louis Cemetery.

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