The Hamptons
Best Things to Do

Not just a getaway for the wealthy, "East End" is full of leisure activities.

The Hamptons may be on Long Island, but the stereotypical suburban sensibility that the island just off Manhattan is known for and the posh glamour of The Hamptons are oceans apart. On the eastern end of Long Island, you'll discover this enclave of the rich and the famous, who flock to this little world apart every summer to party, dine and enjoy the pristine Atlantic coast. Of course, you don't have to hail from this exclusive set to enjoy The Hamptons.

Take, for instance, the natural beauty: the sunsets over the undulating reed-covered marshy fields, those misty fall mornings that are always accompanied by the seasonal honking of the Canadian geese and that strong, briny smell of the Atlantic.

And then there's the gorgeous natural light — one of the many reasons why artists and writers flocked to the East End of Long Island during the second half of the 20th century. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Fairfield Porter and Frank O'Hara, among many others, made their home in the eastside villages, imported chic bohemia and opened themselves up to the unique golden sunlight, allowing it to shine into their work. While you may not find many artists today, the natural inspiration that drew them here still remains.

The Hamptons high season runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. A seasonal destination, most of the shops and restaurants are in full swing by the end of April and stay open through the end of December, but after Labor Day, visitors are advised to call ahead before making plans.

The good news about hanging out in The Hamptons is that you don't need to travel far to experience a whole slew of leisure activities. There are beaches to sit on, vineyards in which to sip wine, restaurants to tantalize the taste buds and, of course, seas to sail on. So, take a look at GAYOT's guide for The Best Things to Do in The Hamptons to begin planning your itinerary.