West Side Highway Bike Path

A decade ago, it might've seemed insane to navigate New York by bicycle, but times — and the streets — have changed.

The West Side Highway Bike Path is a popular route for pedaling

More and more dedicated bike lanes are opening throughout the city, and 6,000 Citi Bikes are available to the public at 332 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. One popular route for pedaling is the West Side Highway bike path. It begins at Battery Park on Manhattan Island's south end and runs 12 miles north along the Hudson River to Fort Tryon Park. Watch out for abrupt turns and stops, especially in the heavy bike and pedestrian traffic around Chelsea. Once you get above 96th Street, the crowds thin out, so you can coast with the breezes off the Hudson at your back.

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W. Side Hwy. New York NY 10004 U.S.


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