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Classic New Zealand Wine Trail

Spanning the distance from Hawke's Bay to Marlborough, the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail may be the world's only wine road to travel over a major body of water.

Discover 80 percent of New Zealand's wine country along this trail

Encompassing both the North Island and South Island, this route takes visitors through 80 percent of New Zealand's Wine Country. There's a section of the route to appeal to every taste. Hawke's Bay is for Cabernet and Merlot lovers. Wairarapa  is gaining attention for its Pinot Noir and, of course, there's Marlborough for some of the world's greatest Sauvignon Blanc. And this trail's offerings are not limited to wine. Hiking, biking and kayaking are just a few of the New Zealand-style adventures awaiting visitors.

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New Zealand Wine Trail 6011 Wellington New Zealand


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