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The discovery of these ancient drawings was completely unexpected and accidental.

A tour of Lascaux II

On September 12, 1940, four teenagers in the Vézère valley of the Dordogne in southwestern France followed a dog into a cave and discovered 17,000-year-old animal paintings. Eight years later, the public was allowed to view the paintings of bison, horses and stags, among other Paleolithic Era images. To preserve the original findings, the cavern was closed in 1963 and a nearby cave, known as Lascaux II, displaying brilliant recreations of the paintings, was opened in its stead.

Depending on the time of year, tickets for the 75-minute guided tours can be purchased online or at the ticket office. Keep in mind, only 30 people are allowed per tour, so plan in advance.

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Ave. de Lascaux 24290 Montignac France


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