Andre Borschberg takes a photo of a model Solar Impulse plane before taking off from Tulsa, Arizona

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Solar Impulse 2 Completes Record-Breaking Solar Flight Around the World

The Solar Impulse 2 flies over Hawaii en route to San Francisco

Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg made history on July 25, 2016 when they completed the first-ever solar-powered flight around the world. The 16-month journey came full circle in Abu Dhabi where Piccard made the final landing for Solar Impulse 2 — a plane that runs purely on solar energy. The pilots (with the help of their vast team) set out onto the horizon in 2015 to prove that "future is clean," and they accomplished their goal.

Learn more about the flight on the Solar Impulse official website

Small Airline Startup Aims to Restore Supersonic Flights

Boom airline startup company aims to restore supersonic flights

Colorado-based airline startup Boom wants to bring supersonic passenger jets back to the commercial flight industry for a low-cost and highly efficient travel system. The company is teaming up with Virgin Galactic to build a prototype jet that would achieve a Mach 2.2 top speed (approximately 1,500 mph)!

Uber and Airbus Team Up for Helicopter Ride-Sharing Service

Uber and Airbus team up to offer ride-sharing service

Uber has joined forces with Silicon Valley-based startup Airbus to bring commuters a new, exciting way to travel. On-demand helicopter rides have already rolled out at key events including Sundance Film Festival and Coachella with greater expansion in the works.