Best Business Class Airlines

Being the third oldest airline in the world, Qantas has perfected the art of luxury travel.

In Barry Levinson's 1988 film, "Rain Man," Dustin Hoffman's quirky title character will only fly Qantas — and for good reason. Not only is the Australian air carrier consistently named one of the world's safest airlines, as the simple yet sagacious Rain Man points out, it is also one of the most flyer-friendly.

Boasting an onboard lounge and a sumptuous dinner menu created in conjunction with Rockpool, Australia's most awarded restaurant group, Qantas International Business Class takes our favorite on-land luxuries (literally) to new heights.

After dinner, make sure to settle in for the night with your own personal on-demand entertainment system and a quick massage courtesy of your fully-adjustable, fold-flat "skybed."

Plus, you can pass the time before or after your flight in the Qantas lounge at select airports to enjoy a meal, refreshment, internet access and showers. Those under the legal drinking age must be accompanied by an adult.