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Indicated even in the name—Bagus Jati is bahasa Indonesian for "doubly good" or "very good"—the resort was built with health and well-being in mind. Located nearly 2,300 feet above sea level, the resort is about 30 minutes north of Ubud. A three-minute buggy ride further down the valley brings you to Sejati Spa.

Located on an escarpment, the spa lobby is quiet with the exception of sounds from the lush rain forest surroundings. A flight of steep stairs descends to a landing overlooking the resort pool with a dark hallway leading to four treatment rooms on the right. To the left are two consultation rooms as well as locker and shower facilities. 

One of the signature treatments is Jati Sejati. "Jati Sejati" means "true" or "eternity" in Balinese. The two-hour traditional Balinese treatment is used to warm the body during the monsoon season. It is also often used as therapy for those coming down with cold, flu, rheumatism or fever. The treatment rooms are cleverly designed to make use of its limited space with the hydrotherapy tub doubling as a massage table. Bagus Jati’s trademark see-through drapes hang from a rectangular bamboo pole above the bed while wood framed picture windows open out to a plunging valley filled with matured greens below. The breathtaking view and the crisp, fresh air enhance the experience.

The treatment begins with a warm footbath in water infused with essential oils of tangerine, ginger and peppermint. Your feet are cleansed and brushed before the Balinese massage begins to the relaxing backdrop of rustling trees, birds and a cool mountain breeze. The massage is followed by a tub bath with Madura island rock bath salt and a warm brew of ginger, turmeric, ylang-ylang root and sandalwood to the bathtub; the soak is said to help open up the pores in preparation for the next treatment. After fresh banana leaves are prepared for the herbal body wrap. Next, a cooling paste comprising a blend of ginger, clove, lemongrass, grated coconut and brown rice is painted on the body. The banana leaves are then enveloped around the body to form a cocoon. Within the next five minutes, the cool paste starts warming up, which helps increase blood circulation.

At leisure, you may wish to take a walk around the organic farmland or hike down to the spring water pool or even deeper down, to the Jati sacred waterfall. Sejati Spa at Bagus Jati is a hideaway in every sense, perfect for relaxing and getting away from it all, de-stressing or spending time with your loved one.

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Jl. Suweta Ubud 80572 Bali Indonesia


+62 361 901 888 Spa’s Website

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