Wellness at The Backstage Hotel

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Bible stories and wellness join forces at this spa.

Wellness at The Backstage Hotel takes inspiration from the bible's Book of Genesis, spanning across seven days and invites you to experience the creation story on a therapeutic level. Each day is themed with the spa experience evoking an element of that theme. Day One, The Light, for instance involves 15 to 20 minutes in a dark steam room illumined slightly with heartbeat light. Each day focuses on another aspect of the bible story with coordinating spa therapy until the seventh day, which is Rest and Meditation. Spend some time in the meditation room on a waterbed as you take in Michelangelo’s master work "Creation of Adam" and listen to classical music.   

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Hofmattstrasse 4 3920 Zermatt Switzerland


+41 (0) 27 966 69 70 Spa’s Website

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21+ Her Him Massage Pool Sauna Unisex

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