spa Relaken

The hot stone room at spa Relaken

This spa is inspired by the Japanese bathing culture.

The treatments offered at spa Relaken help guests achieve physical and mental wellness. The centerpiece of this retreat is the Gan Ban Yoku (Hot Stone Spa), which is a major part of Japanese bathing culture. Similar to a sauna, guests enter the space and lie on SGE (Super Growth Energy) Stones. These stones are a rare natural mineral ore that's derived from Kyushu, Japan. The stone is known to have six main purposes: antioxidant, cell revitalization, deodorization, maturing effect, water revitalization and maintaining freshness. In addition to massages and facials, hot stone yoga and hot stone Pilates are offered. 

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21381 S.Western Ave. Torrance CA 90501 U.S.


310-212-6408 Spa’s Website

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21+ Facials Her Him Hot Stone Japanese Massage Sauna Unisex


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