The Red Theater Kung Fu Show

A show that highlights the artistic and graceful aspects of Kung Fu.

The Legend of Kung Fu presented at The Red Theater in Beijing

It's usually a night at the Beijing Opera that woos most tourists, but this nightly acrobatic ballet danced to the tune of Chinese martial arts is a thrilling extravaganza that's more certain to please a western audience than the shrill strains of local opera.

Hollywood-esque in its vision, The Legend of Kung Fu uses dance and some simple English to tell the story of Chun Yi, an infant monk recruit. The kung fu stunts — stick smashing, head bouncing, and impossible leaps, somersaults and spins — are embellished with a sturdy soundtrack, excessive amounts of dry ice, and at one point, clouds of bubbles. Those who enjoy the sight of dozens of muscular male torsos flying about the stage beaded with sweat will undoubtedly love this show. Watch for the dragon dance at the end.

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44 Xingfu St. 100061 Beijing China


+86 10 6714 2473 Attraction’s Website

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Family Performing Arts Venue

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