Business Travel Guide

The best hotels, spas, restaurants and activities for Tokyo business travelers.

No other city in Japan — indeed in Asia — holds a candle to Tokyo's economic prominence, and few cities in the rest of the world can compete. As the capital of the world's third-largest economy, Tokyo is a major center of advertising, banking, construction, culture, finance, manufacturing, media and transport.

That's because Tokyo remains a study in contrasts: stylish and successful, exotic and safe, crowded yet quiet. A simple Shinto shrine sits in the middle of one of the world's most fashionable shopping districts. Manners, hierarchy and tradition have a central place in the Japanese psyche, yet architects, designers and chefs take chances here that people elsewhere wouldn't dare. Making decisions and getting answers may seem to take forever; yet once a decision is made it's implemented with lightning speed. Tokyo's business people are famously relentless, yet the city also has a gentility and thoughtfulness inherent in the Japanese character.