Asakusa District

An area known for it major festival Sanja Matsuri and for being one of the oldest Geisha districts in Tokyo.

Sensō-ji Buddhist temple in Tokyo's Asakusa District

Pronounced a-sock-sah, this is one of Tokyo's oldest downtown areas.  It still exudes the feeling of a bygone era, even though most of the construction is postwar. At the center is the hulking Buddhist temple Senso-ji (a.k.a Asakusa Kannon Temple). To reach it, pass through Kaminarimon, a landmark gate with an oversized lantern. Between the gate and the temple are hundreds of traditional shops selling everything from freshly made sembei (rice crackers) and azuki-bean snacks to traditional crafts like knives, noren curtains and Noh masks.

Once you reach the temple, ¥100 buys you your fortune on a slip of paper with English translation; keep it if you like it, and roll up the bad ones and tie them off on a tree or nearby wire rack.

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Asakusa 111-0032 Tokyo Japan


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Children Family Landmark Restaurant

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