The Combat Zone

The Combat Zone offers a variety of restaurants and bars

Once the most revered and infamous of Taipei City's bar zones, The Combat Zone got its name during the sixties when American soldiers flocked to the area in droves, both those stationed in "free China" and those on leave from Vietnam. Back then the neighborhood was a major red light district, and while times have changed considerably since, "The Zone," as it's known, is the closest thing to Bangkok you'll find in Taipei (though nowadays it barely gets an R-rating!).

You'll find a number of places clustered in alleys around The Zone's Shuangcheng Street, including Malibu West, a California-style bar and restaurant catering to a primarily western clientele and My Place, a more upscale watering attracting visiting businessmen. To the south of the bar area is a small night market great for late night snacking.

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Shuang Cheng St. 10491 Taipei Taiwan

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21+ Restaurant

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