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Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tourists come to Brazil from around the globe for business, to party during Carnival, relax on the beach or visit a rainforest. The year 2016 brought another reason to vacation in the country: the Rio Summer Olympics. Thirty-seven venues throughout Rio de Janeiro hosted the games, which included wrestling, rugby, basketball and more.

Beyond that, the Portuguese-speaking South American nation offers many attractions for travelers of all types. With its rich history and diverse culture, plush landscapes and bustling cities, Brazil delivers excitement at every turn. So sip a caipirinha, catch a soccer match and immerse yourself in the vibrant Brazilian lifestyle.



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Best Hotels in Rio de Janeiro

Whatever time of year you're visiting Rio de Janeiro, GAYOT has top-notch recommendations for you. Take a look at our top 10 hotel lists for Rio de Janeiro to find comfortable lodgings that offer a wide range of amenities, and are close to hot spots and tourist attractions. 

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The stunning scene at Aprazível Restaurante in Rio de Janeiro

Must-Visit Restaurants in Rio

Travelers would be painfully missing the soul of the city without tasting a mixture of her cuisines — elegant European-influenced dishes, heavier, more South American plates and some of the world's finest meats.


City Trip Guide

The city of Sao Paulo, Brazil

72 Hours in São Paulo

Get the lowdown on all the best places to stay, eat, shop and see in this city that the locals call "Sampaul." With 20 million denizens, São Paulo — one of the largest cities in the world next to Tokyo and Mexico City — illustrates Brazil’s gigantism. This guide well help you navigate this behemoth of a city, helping you to discover all it has to offer.

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All Brazil Hotels

Top Hotels

Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort is one of GAYOT's Top 10 Romantic Hotels in the World
Attain wellness at the Kurotel Longevity Center & Spa in Gramado, Brazil

Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort, one of GAYOT's Top 10 Romantic Hotels in the World 

Escape with your lover to this hideaway in the northern coast of Brazil. Book one of Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort's villas, and enjoy luxuries such as bathrooms with interior gardens, private infinity-edge pools and more. Make sure you and your significant other book a service at kenoa spa, a wellness sanctuary where all five senses are pampered.

Kurotel Longevity Center & Spa, one of GAYOT's Top 10 Detox Spas in the World

Kurotel in Gramado, Brazil, specializes in preventative medicine and has long been considered one of the world’s best weight loss destinations. Guests are drawn to this medical center and spa for a variety of reasons: medical assessments, detox from addiction, weight loss, sleep enhancement, relaxation and recovery.


Spas in Brazil

Get on the path to wellness at top spas throughout South America

Luxurious Treatments at Brazil's Top Spas

The sprawling expanse of South America may be overwhelming for the serenity-seeking traveler. To simplify your search, Gayot has selected its best spa destinations. Embark on a detoxifying adventure or simply luxuriate in one of the many signature therapies designed to harmonize your inner and outer selves. Check out the top spas in Brazil and be on your way to a soothing South American vacation.

Travel Review

Explore the Amazon with International Expeditions
Photo by Neil Palmer & CIAT / CC BY-SA 2.0

Amazing Amazon! 

by André Gayot

Can we keep unturned "the last unwritten page of Genesis," as Portuguese historian Euclides da Cunha dubbed the great Amazon River basin? More than 100,000 plants flourish in what's left of this paradise, with 30,000 varieties of flowers and 25,000 types of trees hosting two million species of insects. There are more families of fish here (2,400 of them) than in the Atlantic Ocean. Above it, fly 4,000 species of butterflies and 1,170 types of birds. With its 4,200 miles, the Amazon is the longest and largest river on earth. It drains slightly less than half of South America, carrying 2,829 millions of liquid per second. With its 1,100 tributaries, 50,000 miles of waterways are navigable. Read more...

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