Business Travel Guide

Off the Clock Activities

Take a break from your work load or bond with coworkers by exploring the attractions of Montréal. Here are some must-see sites around the city.

Montréal Biodôme

4777, ave. Pierre-De Coubertin Montréal QC H1V 1B3 Canada

This facility is located at Olympic Park and is operated by the Montréal Nature Museum.

Montréal Museum of Fine Arts

1380 Sherbrooke St. W. Montréal QC H3G 1J5 Canada

Established in 1860, this Montréal institution was one of the first museums to build such an extensive collection of works in North America.

Mount Royal Park

Remembrance Rd. Montréal QC H3H 1A2 Canada

Take part in a variety of recreational activities at this Montréal park.