Englischer Garten

This public space rivals New York's Central Park.

Enjoy a day out at the English Garden in Munich

Munich’s sprawling Englischer Garten (English Garden) is one of the world’s largest urban parks and a favorite playground for locals and visitors alike. It was created in 1789 by Benjamin Thompson, an American-born scientist who immigrated to Bavaria to escape the aftermath of the American Revolution.

Shed the day’s stresses as you wander or jog along the park’s paths, which meander past dense groves of trees, banks of wildflowers and sprawling lawns. Here nude sunbathing is a local custom and perfectly legal, so leave your modesty at home. There’s also a lake, where you and a friend can go for a spin, and a couple of beer gardens that make perfect places for quaffing a cold one, munching on pretzels and watching the world on parade.

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Englischer Garten 80805 Munich Germany


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