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The best hotels, restaurants and activities for Budapest business travelers.

Hungary was ruled by the Turks for two centuries, and then taken by the Austrians to become another jewel in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The Germans dominated the society prior to WWII and then their Russian rescuers made Hungary part of the Soviet Union. It was not until 1989 that Hungary and its capital Budapest were finally able to throw off all of the chains that bound them to become a free nation. This freedom and the country's location as the hub of Central Europe gave it a prime position for international businesses to establish offices.

When Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, its opportunities for business expansion strengthened considerably. Budapest generates nearly 40 percent of the country's national income and has become one of the largest regional economies in the EU. With a population of almost 2 million, the city is attracting investors from around the globe who have their sights on construction and production opportunities around the country. The city is strong in several industries, including banking, finance and real estate. Plus, Budapest's Central Business District is home to not only national companies but many international headquarters as well.

Also located in Budapest is the Central European University, the school of higher education created by George Soros, which offers an MBA degree that is earned here, but is accredited in both Hungary and the U.S. Budapest also has an extensive and well-established American Chamber of Commerce.

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