Tel Aviv Business Travel Guide

Off the Clock Activities

Don't miss out on exploring the many attractions in Tel Aviv. When you're not working, pay a visit to the following sites.

Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv

77 Dizengoff St. 6433249 Tel Aviv Israel

Learn about Bauhaus architectural style and see its influence in structures and furnishings.

Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2 Haim Levanon St. 69975 Tel Aviv Israel

An educational institution that has become a testament to the spirit and culture of Israel.


Possessing a mythical quality, this ancient port has been associated with the biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon and Saint Peter.

Nahalat Binyamin Market

Nahalat Binyamin St 4 Tel Aviv Israel

A market that draws thousands of visitors each week, and provides a fun experience for kids and adults.

Suzanne Dellal Centre

5 Yechieli St. Tel Aviv Israel

A hub in Tel Aviv for international performing arts, this venue hosts more than 700 cultural events annually.