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The best hotels, restaurants and activities for Sydney business travelers.

It may not be Australia's capital, but in everything else, particularly business, the harbour city of Sydney leads from the front. Sydney, Australia's gateway city and capital of the state of New South Wales, is the country's economic powerhouse. It is home to more than 5 million people, and has close to half of Australia's 100 largest companies based here in areas including finance and insurance, pharmaceuticals, communications, biotechnology and call centers.

At last count, 80 percent of multinational pharmaceutical companies, 40 percent of biotech companies, and 80 per cent of all banks, including the world's leading banks, were Sydney-based. With 29 per cent of Sydney households multilingual and well-educated, the city's workforce has a reputation for innovation and enterprise. New South Wales accounts for 35 percent of national manufacturing output with gross economic output in the Sydney metropolitan area exceeding the U.S. by $100 billion annually. Being 10-11 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) depending on the time of year, Sydney is one of the first cities to wake up each day.

Take a look at GAYOT's Sydney Business Travel Guide to discover the city's best hotels, restaurants and attractions.

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