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The best hotels and activities for Medellín business travelers.

They say that in Medellín the spring never ends. The never-too-cold, never-too-hot weather is ideal for the realm of flowers; most notably the 3,000 varieties of orchids. This idyllic climate is due to the elevation (5045.9 feet/1,538 metres) that cools the heat of the tropics. Founded by the Conquistador don Francisco Herrera Campuzano in 1615, Medellín became prosperous as a result of Basque and Jewish immigrants fleeing the Spanish Inquisition in the 18th century. Today, it is Colombia’s most prosperous city; its industrial nerve center and its intellectual avant garde epicenter.

Medellín is the capital of the Antoquia region, and its citizens, or “Paisas,” are business people, politicians and artists, including renowned artist Fernando Botero. It is also home to the country’s first metropolitan public transport network — The Metro de Medellín — effectively alleviating the ongoing congestion caused by a city that is home to 2.4 million people

Under the administration of its new mayor, Medellín has done much to develop and support education and culture with the creation of new schools, modern libraries and educational centers. Despite its ancient foundation, Medellín has breathed new life into its environs, and stands as a remarkable example of what can be achieved in this part of the world, even if some bad memories, like the infamous Cartel, still linger.