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Anchorage’s growing population has teetered to more than 300,000 people. Yet still, wandering among the human residents, ranging through the mountains, parks, and even wandering city streets and backyards, are the other furry and feathered residents of this wild ‘on-the-edge’ city. Spruce and birch forests within city limits make the perfect habitat for up to 1,500 free-ranging moose, as well as foxes and porcupines. The downtown streams attract not only local business men and women fishing for salmon on their lunch breaks, but also black and brown bears seeking dinner. Trout, salmon, and beavers swim in city streams, while the looming Chugach Mountain Range hosts intrepid snowy white Dall sheep. The ocean, which surrounds the city on three sides, is home to both beluga and orca whales. These active people and abundant creatures in Anchorage do, indeed, live a “Big. Wild. Life.”  

Alaskans enjoy their creature comforts and modern culture just as much as they like the wild beauty of the encompassing wilderness. Inspired by this duality, Anchorage’s art scene is rich and varied. There are well attended “First Friday” gallery walks each month, the music and theater performances often sell out, and restaurants, catering to both locals and visitors, are packed with a grateful audience, delighted with the creative menus available here in “The Great Land.”

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