Tulsi Ginger Tea — Review

This tea from Organic India is made with tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) which is used in ayurvedic medicine in order to support the body's natural immune system

by: Sylvie Greil

In an effort to reduce caffeine consumption, we have been relying increasingly on holistic herbal teas to make it through that afternoon slump. Our favorite new panacea is Tulsi Ginger Tea. Tulsi, or holy basil, is one of the most revered herbs in India. It is used in ayurvedic medicine and said to function as an adaptogen. This means if you are stressed out, it will calm you. If you are feeling sluggish, it will give you a boost. Tulsi in combination with uplifting ginger is amazing and delicious. This tea by Organic India delivers the spicy lift of ginger without too strong of a kick. With a bit of honey, it’s a smooth and soothing brew that literally tickles the taste buds. In addition, ginger is also a great digestive, so after a too- heavy lunch or stomach upset over looming deadlines, it offers tummy-settling relief.


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“It Happened in Saint-Tropez” – Movie Review

It Happened in Saint-Tropez movie poster
It Happened in Saint-Tropez movie poster

Three and a half stars


Genre: Drama, Comedy
Directed by: Danièle Thompson
Starring: Eric Elmosnino, Kad Merad, Monica Bellucci, Lou de Laâge, Valérie Bonneton
Released by: Pathé Distribution
Year: 2012

Fandango  - We've Got Your Movie Tickets!

by Alain Gayot

The 17th annual COL•COA French Film Festival debuted at The Director’s Guild Theater Complex in Los Angeles, where director Danièle Thompson’s “It Happened in Saint-Tropez” was presented by Axel Cruau, French Consul General in Los Angeles. Once the Champagne de L’Argentaine and food from some of LA’s popular restaurants like Church & State, K-ZO and Estérel at the Sofitel Los Angeles was enjoyed, a throng of VIPs, actors (including Robert Forster and Shannon Wilcox), directors and other moviegoers proceeded into the theater. The screening of the short “Clean” was followed by the feature presentation of “Des Gens qui s’embrassent” AKA stateside “It Happened in Saint-Tropez.” The title was inspired by the Frank Sinatra song “It Happened in Monterey” which is featured in the movie along with the crooner’s hit “My Way.” Coincidentally, the music for that song was co-written by Claude Francois, whose movie biography “My Way” was the opener at the 2012 COL•COA! After the credits rolled, writer/producer/director Edward Zwick (Defiance, The Last Samurai, The Siege) moderated a bilingual Q&A session.

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GAYOT.com 2013 Best Restaurants in America

by Sophie Gayot


If chef Joël Robuchon’s restaurant at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is the best restaurant in the world, there are thirty nine others that made the GAYOT 2013 Top 40 Restaurants in the U.S. in the Annual Restaurant Issue.


Discover the restaurant with the exclusive video above with executive chef Claude Le Tohic; and finish the culinary tour de force with pastry chef Kamel Guechida.

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Domaine Chandon 2010 Carneros Pinot Noir – Wine of the Week Review

Domaine Chandon 2010 Carneros Pinot Noir
Domaine Chandon 2010 Carneros Pinot Noir

Price: $35

Rating: 14.5/20

Region: Carneros, California

Varietal: 100 percent Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 14.5 percent

Tasting Notes: An elegant, medium-bodied wine, the Domaine Chandon 2010 Carneros Pinot Noir features aromas and flavors of damson plum, dark cherry and bright boysenberry. Silky tannins in the mouth are complemented by hints of tobacco and smoke.

Food Pairings: Grilled trout, smoked salmon, poultry

Other Pinot Noirs we have tasted

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Tea Cappuccino Debuts at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Tea cappuccino
Tea cappuccino (photo credit : CBTL)

by Anneli Rufus

Just when you thought the world could not possibly produce another frothy caffeinated beverage, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has just launched a new concept: Tea Cappuccino. Since the word “cappuccino,” when first applied to coffee drinks, referred only to the hooded brown robes of Italian Capuchin friars and not to anything specifically coffee-ish, it can just as aptly be appended to a tea drink — or a bean dish or anything else that is richly brown, come to think of it.

Debuting recently at all CBTL locations, Tea Cappuccino combines freshly brewed tea, whole-milk foam and vanilla bean sauce in three different flavors: chai, Scottish Breakfast and Anniversary Blend. The latter blend marks CBTL’s fiftieth anniversary; the company was founded in Southern California in 1963.

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