Cut the Calories but Not the Taste

The Bikini Chef, Susan Irby
The Bikini Chef, Susan Irby

by Sophie Gayot

This weekend, I was going through my pile of cookbooks, and I am glad I did. I found The Bikini Chef Susan Irby‘s fourth cookbook, Substitute Yourself Skinny, which I use when I want to eat tasty but healthy foods at home. Lots of effort went into the creation of this 175-recipe book. The entire Irby family was involved: her mother helped her test each recipe, while her husband and daughter lost the use of the kitchen when photos were taken!

Released in 2010, Substitute Yourself Skinny is not a new book, but is a “healthy” cookbook that we should all have. Maybe some professional chefs should open it for inspiration so they can prepare lower-count calorie dishes in their restaurants. You can read my full review of the book in our cookbook section.

Each week Susan Irby the Bikini Chef features celebrity guests, chefs, fitness experts, and her own Bikini Chef recipes on her radio show Saturday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. PST on 790 KABC. If you want all the tools you need to live a fun, bikini lifestyle, tune in, or listen online at if you are not in the Los Angeles area.

2 thoughts on “Cut the Calories but Not the Taste”

  1. I love this cookbook. Great recipes and they work well with my weight watchers program!

  2. Wonderful review, Sophie. Yes, my hope is that chefs will lighten up their dishes or at least offer lighter, healthier choices on their menus and as well, that families will be inspired to cook healthier at home. I specifically made the recipes simple so anyone can follow them. Thanks for the post!

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