TATCHA – Review






TATCHA's Camelia Cleansing Oil
TATCHA’s Camelia Cleansing Oil


Memoirs of a Geisha: Three Steps to Flawless Skin

by Sylvie Greil

All beauty brands make bold claims. Some deliver. Many don’t. Either way, we are always eager to get suckered into the clever promise of flawless skin. Especially if said promise is inspired by century-old wisdom and the baby-smooth complexion of geisha.

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4VOO uber TECH under eye complex – Review

uber TECH under eye super-firm complex
uber TECH under eye
super-firm complex


A Powerful Wrinkle-Reducing Male Skin Cream

Well-groomed men about town will appreciate this potent under eye cream from 4VOO. Developed around men’s specific skincare needs, their uber TECH under eye super-firm complex contains powerful synthetic peptides designed to fight the ravaging effects of testosterone, which can surprisingly wreak havoc on skin.

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Clayspray – Review






True Mud

We’ve always loved the earthiness and healing powers of clay. Our latest discovery is Clayspray, sourced from a mine in the mountains of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. This spray-on product is rich in therapeutic minerals (such as calcium, potassium, silica, iron and magnesium), and it will cleanse, hydrate and firm as well as exfoliate, nurture the skin’s delicate flora, boost cell rejuvenation and fight free radicals.

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Guinot Huile Mirific – Review

Guinot’s Latest is a Miracle Worker



Guinot Huile Mirific


Occasionally we all fish for compliments. This won’t be necessary with Guinot’s new Huile Mirific. Every time we use it people’s reaction is complimentary, requesting to know what that incredible scent is.

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Clairvoyant Beauty Rosewater Toner – Review

Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Toner!





Clairvoyant Beauty Rosewater Toner
Clairvoyant Beauty Rosewater Toner


Toner is something that has always mystified us. What exactly does it do? Well, it tones! This uncertain feeling toward this skin care category has always led us to omit it from our daily beauty regimen. Until now. Now we are totally hooked on Clairvoyant Beauty Rosewater Toner. A spritz of the divinely smelling product, made with Vitamin B3 and fragrant Bulgarian Rose, is both aromatherapy and skin therapy in one. It’s totally refreshing, uplifting and hydrating. Glow-y-making. Toning!

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