Christmas Abalone @ Surfas


Brad Buckley cooking Abalone with Alain
Brad Buckley cooking Abalone with Alain
By Alain Gayot

Life is funny like that: today, I really needed an abalone fix. So I headed over to Surfas and caught up with Brad Buckley of The Abalone Farm in Cayucos as he was doing a cooking demonstration. We cooked some and ate some and, as expected, it was rather yummy.


The environment in the test kitchen and the store was a great catalyst for Christmas shopping. All these gourmet products were rather tantalizing, and then the utensils, etc… I also came across an induction cooking plate and was rather interested in adding that to my kitchen this year. The new location is fabulous and the café is always a fun place to grab a quick bite. I was lucky enough to take home some of these Jurassic snails and will be cooking up a storm. The basic recipe calls for: Abalone steaks, minced garlic, lemon, butter, white wine and sea salt. You’re with me?


Sea urchins anyone?
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  1. Personally, I have had the opportunity to taste Abalone before and the memory of it concludes why you needed a “fix” to enjoy it again. I was very fortunate with my first experience, because I had it prepared and served by someone who knew how to cook it correctly! This makes a big difference in how your whole experience will be! I thought it was so cool that you included a recipe on your web link for it and I will definitely try it out! I also wanted to thank you, because I always thought that Abalone was a member of the Clam family because of its habitat, shape, and texture. Your BLOG has now educated me on this correction and I will look forward to my next snail encounter! Ms. T

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