Dockers Debuts Premium Khaki at American Rag Cie in Los Angeles

The Dockers K-1 Khaki display at American Rag Cie
The Dockers K-1 Khaki display at American Rag Cie

by Emily Tsay

Could khaki pants actually be cool? It definitely appeared so at a recent Dockers event we attended at the fashion-insider retail mecca American Rag Cie in Los Angeles. Launching the brand’s first-ever premium offering in the U.S., Dockers debuted its K-1 Khaki Collection (priced from $150 to $250) to a hipster crowd at the laid-back event. The theme seemed to be vintage Americana with a modern twist: Rob Roy was the cocktail of the evening, and for entertainment, there was a pool table and a DJ spinning a mix of hip hop and indie tunes. A retro hors d’oeuvre of pigs-in-a-blanket was served, standing out from the other Asian-inspired bites from AN Catering by Crustacean.

Putting a new spin on a classic is also what the new K-1 collection is about. The traditional Dockers khaki is updated with eight different styles (including resin-baked whiskering, new washes and distressed finishing) and 16 new colors. Showing off the khakis that evening was last season’s winner of Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel, Branden Rickman, who managed to make the pant look fresh and cool. If Dockers’ goal is to reach a younger and hipper customer base, then partnering with American Rag is a move in the right direction. Who knows, we might start seeing khakis cropping up on the lanky legs of the skinny-jean crowd soon.

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