From Gayot to The New York Times

Fresh-picked garden peas
Fresh-picked garden peas

by Jeff Hoyt

We are very pleased with our international team of reviewers who write about restaurants, hotels and more from Sydney to the Galapagos. We are especially proud of one of our Paris correspondents, Jean-Claude Ribaut, who is the food critic for the French newspaper Le Monde.

Mr. Ribaut recently worked with Elaine Sciolino, a Paris correspondent for The New York Times, for an article on eating fresh peas. The two of them traveled to L’Oustau de Baumanière, a top restaurant in Provence where Queen Elizabeth has dined, to eat peas picked fresh that morning from the restaurant’s own vegetable garden.

Says Mr. Ribaut, “When I proposed to Elaine to make a day trip to eat the peas picked on the same morning in Provence, she said, ‘But it is impossible!’ Then I convinced her, telling that these were the best peas in the whole world and that even Honoré de Balzac wrote about them, saying, ‘They jump from the vegetable garden into the casserole.’ Nothing to be compared with the hard frozen peas that you can buy in the stores.”

You can read more about Ribaut’s culinary adventure and the importance of peas in French cuisine in The New York Times article “Spring Brings Caviar in a Pod“.

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