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Flying Lobsters

Live Maine lobster
Live Maine lobster

by Ben Narasin

While a trip to Montauk or Maine can create the ultimate lobster memory, if you don’t have one planned, you can create a small part of that Eastern elegance anywhere a FEDEX box can fly. GetMaineLobster.com will ship crustaceans overnight, chilled and wrapped in seaweed, alive and comatose, for you to drop fresh into your pot.

We tried the Maine Lobster “Feast for Two.” Two one-and-a-half-pound, just caught, live Maine lobsters, two pounds of mussels and two whoopie pies. Delivered from the Eastern shore to our Western coastline, the small feast costs $115.

The lobsters arrived alive and slow-moving, the mussels tight-lipped and clean, and the whoopie pies cool and sweet. Preparation is as simple as boiling water and dunking, but be sure you have claw crackers, picks and drawn butter on hand to eat the feast while it’s hot. Newspaper tablecloths are advised.

The lobsters cooked up sweet and soft (we steamed them) and the mussels were tasty and tight; not an open-lipped one in the batch. The whoopie pies were a surprise treat, delicately cakey with a pleasant hit of sugar-grained center. Not something we realized Maine was famous for.

GetMaineLobster.com offers other assortments, for bigger feasts, or as distinct gifts. Lobsters come direct from the icy and deep Atlantic waters of Maine. Packages are shipped just at the cutoff for the day’s shipments to ensure the minimum transit time.

They have crab cakes, lobster cakes, lobster pie, mussels, clams, clam chowder, seafood chowder, and even beef to create Surf & Turf packages, big feasts and custom orders. They also offer customizable gift certificates for overnight fresh lobster deliveries.

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