Hip Hop Cognac, part 2

T.I. in Takers
T.I. in Takers

by Jeff Hoyt

Was it just last week that I questioned the judgment of Remy Martin Cognac for naming rapper T.I. Global Creative Consultant after his last stint in prison for felony weapons charges? Seems the rapper may have decided to celebrate his latest movie “Takers” opening #1 at the box office with something stronger than cognac, as his newlywed wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and the musician-actor-producer-troublemaker were busted last night in Los Angeles for felony possession of a controlled substance. That could result in a probation violation, landing him back behind bars, but rapper and noted legal advisor 50 Cent tweeted the following plan: “Man TI and tiny done got picked up agin for methamphetmines and ecstacy dam man,” 50 tweeted. “Tiny gotta take that charge. Say it was yours, Baby.” That’s heroic! If she does take the rap for the rapper, may I suggest he thank her with a trip to one of our World’s Top 10 Honeymoon Hotels? Don’t worry, T.I.; there are a few domestic choices if you’re not allowed to leave the country.

T.I. reportedly made an illegal U-turn in a Maybach, which caught the attention of the police. At least it wasn’t a Cadillac Escalade, which would have been so clichéd! Why not roll with something new from our Top 10 Exotic Car list? I would head out on the highway for one of our top LA getaways while you still have the chance.

As far as the relationship between Remy Martin and T.I., stay tuned.

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