Julie & Julia Brings the Culinary Greats to Mind

Julia Child brings inspiration to a young woman through her cooking in the film Julie & Julia
Julia Child brings inspiration to a young woman through her cooking in the film Julie & Julia

By Alain Gayot

How about a cute movie which is certainly going to deliver good laughs if not a bunch of chuckles sans the Hollywood special effects craze? Should you be a foodie or other type of gourmand head to see Julie & Julia, a movie based on the book by fellow blogger Julie Powell, who you can read more about at Eatizen Jane. In celebration of the film, some restaurants, like Chef Mavro in Honolulu, are offering movie-themed dinner menus, and the executive chef of The Ocean Bistro at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach in Florida, will be recreating his favorite Julia Child recipes. To learn more about the movie check out the review by clicking on the link at the bottom of this blog.

In this day and age when people are educated about food and wine, mastering the art of French cooking might not be your first priority, but what Julia Child started doing in the 1940s was monumental for food in America. Some of us might prefer Japanese food or, why not Mexican cuisine, but all of us owe thanks to a few key masters like Jacques Pepin and of course Julia Child with their TV shows.

Now the TV FOOD Network along with others offers a plethora of opportunities to learn about food and cooking from the Master Wolfgang Puck via the ebullient Emeril Lagasse to the extreme Anthony Bourdain. There is Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen and so on. Forty years ago, you would have been hard pressed to find olive oil in a Denver supermarket; now you will be asked what kind of olive oil you’d like, and yes America moved away from ordering a blush wine to being very proud about their pronunciation while ordering a glass of Viognier.

We once again take this opportunity to thank Julia who like yours truly, [André Gayot] have been recognized by the French government by adorning her the highest honor: the Légion d’Honneur for her contribution to French culture.



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