No Foodies in LA, Indeed?

Is this scallop dish from Providence restaurant not good enough for Michelin?
Is this scallop dish from Providence restaurant not good enough for Michelin?

by André Gayot

Monsieur Jean-Luc Naret, the director of the red Michelin restaurant guide who is leaving his post at the end of the year, is a strongly opinionated person. Based on his brief stints, I presume, in the city of Angels, he affirmed to our colleague John Mariani that people here are not real foodies. He feels that they are not interested in eating well, but rather to look at other people going to restaurants, where they have to go to see them. In a word, they don’t really eat; they only devour the others with their eyes.

We poor Angelenos! As if it were not enough to cope with the earthquakes, the fires, the crises, and the gangs, now we also have to deal with the mediocre content of our plates. One of the tragic consequences of our ignorance is that Michelin will not publish any more restaurant guides for LA. So now, how can we learn how to eat? Sad!

Could it be that the disappearance of the book is also the consequence of our weak literacy, making us unable to read well even if Michelin’s literature is flat, as opposed to their tires? Or is the vanishing of the Michelin book possibly due to the lack of interest of the public for the tome and its meager sales?

At any rate, let’s hope for this big rubber company that if Angelenos don’t know how to eat, they know how to drive and will continue to equip their cars with Michelin tires that are good enough for them. Tires don’t need hot air … unlike unsuccessful publishing.

2 thoughts on “No Foodies in LA, Indeed?”

  1. You are so right Andre! We’ve got some of the greatest cuisine in the world and plenty of ways to spread the word. So long Michelin!

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